Sunday, 8 September 2013

Saturday, 24 August 2013


EXCLUSIVE! We have received a short video copy from a private collector that appears to be long lost colour location footage from the Doctor Who story The Abominable Snowmen. We have been given exclusive rights to show part of the footage here in the hope that sufficient interest will be raised about its discovery. The seller, Matthew Alderton, is asking for a direct swap with The Tenth Planet Episode 4 in exchange for the full 10 minutes of film. The footage Matthew has was taken by his father, Brian in the late 1960s whilst on holiday in Snowdonia. Please leave a message if you are interested in swapping the footage and we will pass on any serious offers to Mr Alderton.

FANWNAK 7 Quick Flick Through

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


It has come to light that there are a small number of colour issues of FANWNAK 7 with substandard print quality. Nothing major as they are mainly scuff marks. These only affect a handful of issues, so if you'd like one and live in the UK ONLY (PLEASE NOTE: This offer is not available outside the UK as the price here is a fraction of the postage costs!), you'd better hurry up and give the button a push below and we will post one out to you! Price includes second class postage. At £2.99 we are giving them away :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

FANWNAK Issue 7 - Budget price edition now available

The brand new issue of FANWNAK is now available in a budget priced black and white edition with a full colour cover for just £3.99 (plus postage). This will lower the cost for those of you ordering from outside the UK considerably.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


UPDATE: This issue is now SOLD OUT

UPDATE: There are some crazy people out there who think the new issue of FANWNAK is £50. Oh, dear. Seriously? Just to clarify, this is clearly NOT the case... 

Below is a perfect example of how NOT to write promotional information...

SPECIAL OFFER: BUY ONE BANANA GET ONE FREE! is an offer FANWNAK are NOT running. Sorry. FANWNAK, or rather FANWNAK TV as the latest issue is now known, is unfortunately now available for your eyeballs to suck on. Issue 7 promises to be our weakest attempt at a Doctor Who fanzine yet and upon receipt of it you will definitely be seeking your hard earned money back. Our telephone operators are just waiting for your irate telephone calls, tweets, emails and Facebook vitriol.
Well, you probably already know that we are incredibly lazy here at FANWNAK towers but just in case you thought our awful/amazingly awful (delete as applicable) publication was as dead as The Vervoids, we have taken the pitifully small amount of articles we have received after ten months of begging and pleading for new contributions and spaced these out over 104 pointlessly glossy A4 pages in 46pt Times New Roman using our preferred page layout software, Windows Notepad. We’ve even cut out as many relevant images as we could find from old issues of DWM with a pair of children’s plastic safety scissors and used flour and water paste to stick them into our fanzine to add a semi professional look to it. Don’t bother writing in if you find any mistakes in the issue as we are well aware that there will be loads of them as we can’t be bothered proof reading. We’ve got much better things to do. Such as eating cake.

Our cash reserves are at an all time low, so in order to print the issue we have flicked through the Yellow Pages and picked on a local company at random to use their colour photocopier. We selected our victim, Borusa's Bathrooms and Showers and paid them a visit under the pretence of requiring a room to clean ourselves in. We sent our editor, Adric Cabbage out for this task as he is by far the smelliest of all of us and he managed to totally convince the salesman that he was interested in purchasing all their overpriced crap. Adric seized the opportunity to use their photocopier for gratis, whilst sending the salesman off on a fruitless search for Ogron coloured bathroom tiles. He managed to do 25 and a half issues worth of print before the salesman came back and caught up with Adric running off like a tart with piles of paper. Adric knew the police would arrive shortly and offered to incarcerate himself in a nearby Police Telephone Call Box until an officer of the law was available to arrest him. The salesman thinking this was a good idea, fell for it and The Wnakhardis promptly dematerialized in front of the stunned old crust. Oh, how we laughed back in our office when Cabbage plonked down the free issues on our desk with a big grin on his smug chubby face.

If you can be bothered to order an issue, we have lied about the inclusion of most of the contents listed below:

WHO@50 & Time to Remember - we celebrate 50 years of that rubbish science fiction show for kids called Doctor Who.
News - The latest Doctor Who news as typed up by our insane reporters
Chill Out with The Moff - The Moff is being a bit cool
Let's Regenerate Part 2 - The comic strip concludes
Ben Chatham - Everyone's favourite Doctor Who companion is back for more adventures
WHO or Not Who? - A good excuse to print an image of Peter Cushing
I too want to write for Doctor Who - Good luck with that...
10 Doctor Who CD releases every fan should have - CD's are those things we used to have before MP3 if you were wondering
DIY WHO - If you want something new to watch, make it yourself
The First Doctors - How many grumpy old buggers can there be?
Strangled by Who - Easily our weakest article ever
Disappointing the fans - A lovely article on the ups and downs of being a Doctor Who fan
Breaking Doctor Who - The Moff's vision is under fire
Season 7b - The second half of the new series is reviewed
Doctor Who film reviews - Yes, that means the one's from the 1960s. The TV Movie doesn't count.
An Old New Adventure - Have you ever wondered what you would have needed to do in 1991 to submit a story to the range of Virgin's New Adventures? Hopefully, the answer is yes! Well then, enjoy the complete submission guidelines, exclusively reproduced for FANWNAK TV.

All this plus MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!!

The following are SPOILER FREE images of the new issue:

Friday, 15 February 2013


Phew! I've been inundated with inquiries to reprint previous issues of FANWNAK in one unhealthy volume. So, I've caved into the demands of my adoring public and I've spent all day carefully folding and gluing together all those old issues nobody wanted that I have been using as toilet paper and to block all the drafts coming in under the doors. So here is the result of my hard labour...
You can now order the first six editions of the FANWNAK Fanzine in one bumper sized publication!!! THE FANWNAK WHO ANNUAL is a staggering 214 pages of monochrome madness. It contains 2 new pages, exclusive to the publication that will probably make you wonder why I bothered to put them in there. If I haven't successfully put you off, you can order one here
Peace and Love